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Welcome to Mr. Hookup Architectural Electronics, Inc.

Creating the ultimate dental experience through electronics

Imagine a dental experience unlike any other. Your patients look forward to a pleasurable visit because you pamper them! You provide exquisite dentistry that only you can do and Mr. Hookup furnishes the electronic amenities that have your patients feeling relaxed and amazed.

That is our goal. We have the expertise to enhance your dental vision and all the electronic technology to turn an ordinary office into an extraordinary office!

Our passion is to indulge your patients with entertaining and educational environments. Equally important to us is providing you with dependable business systems such as telephone, silent communication systems and network cabling. We are committed to implementing electronics with impeccable craftsmanship, to set your office apart from the others.

Our Services

  • Televisions / Monitors
  • Systems Integration
  • Music Systems
  • Computer Cabling
  • Telephone
  • Conference / Training Rooms

"Having the technology that Keith has put in my office really sets our office apart. I could not work without my ceiling TV's - truly! We use them for entertainment with DirecTV satellite, education with the Caesy system and of course the intra-oral camera for every new patient experience. Keith is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He really knows what works in a dental office."
Leslie Bonar, DDS

"You're done already?" I hear this several times a day as a result of a patient watching TV or a movie during a procedure. It is relaxing for the patients, easier for me to work on someone stable and a tremendous marketing tool. My patients love it. I love it."
Douglas Disraeli, DDS

"The results have far exceeded my expectations for the return on the investment. My patients are made more comfortable and entertained because of what Mr. Hookup did for me. It was the best thing I did for my new office."
Russ McCalley, DDS

"Keith carefully listened to my needs and presented a comprehensive plan for my new facility. He and his crew exceeded every expectation that I had and I am forever grateful for his help. The systems that he put in place have been entirely dependable, user-friendly, and are a constant subject of our patients' compliments for our new office.
I would highly recommend his services to anyone contemplating an investment in technology aimed at making their patients' experience the best it can be. The value of the technology and his services far exceed the cost."
Joseph D'Angelo, DDS

"Our patients love our ceiling mounted televisions. The audio-video amenities presented in our office receive the most compliments of anything we offer and provide a consistent relaxation distraction for our patients. All of Mr. Hookup's work is completed with a craftsmanship that blends with existing décor and is unobtrusive in a healthcare environment. On a few occasions when we have needed a service call, Keith delivered prompt same-day service. Keith's services are a must for anyone seeking to project confidence and competence using high-tech patient comfort features."
Dr. Robert J. Hanlon Jr. and Dr. Charles E. Jerome

"When it came to choosing a company for the audio visual needs of my office, I wanted to work with the best. Once again, I called Mr. Hookup. Keith Aderman knows his business well and he was able to offer me creative solutions to the challenges of setting up a completely digital and paperless oral surgery practice. Keith and his staff do precision work and the sights and sounds of my office are truly amazing. Mr. Hookup did such a fantastic job at my office, I had my home system updated as well."
Kierian B. Kuklok, MD

"I am still benefiting from Keith's expertise. He wired my office 5 years ago for our computer and audio/video system with a focus on future networking and live surgical presentations. He custom made a ceiling mounted arm in one operatory to hold a video camera and lined the feed to monitors throughout the office. Not only has everything worked flawlessly, but we have recently added several computers and done a significant soft and hardware upgrade without having to touch the original wiring."
Stephen L. Wheeler, DDS

"I would have to say that the single most important investment in my practice has been utilizing Mr. Hookup's expertise on setting up the entertainment areas of the office. He set up our video games, TV's, audio system and our complex patient education system. I do quite a bit of marketing and the money I have spent on electronics with Keith has had the best ROI by far. Keith is very knowledgeable, very fair with his fees, and has had a tremendous amount of experience with dental practices and luxury homes. I would, and I do, recommend him to all my family, friends and colleagues."
Kami Hoss, DDS

"Keith has been a great source for installing video over the dental chairs in our practice. Excellent workmanship and recommendations for equipment. We're very satisfied with his service."
Howard Dixon, DDS

"It is with great pleasure that we recommend to you Mr. Hookup for your Audio Visual needs. We have worked with Mr. Hookup for many years on our commercial projects and find their work to be of high caliber and their installers to be very professional."
Steve King, President, CFO
SK Construction